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George Chuvalo's Last Stand - Documentary

Alexander Scotty Jackson, BCABHoF nominee 2015

Scotty Jackson: by Brian Zelley, BCABHoF

Participation in amateur boxing is an
important quality for all nominees for
British Columbia Amateur Boxing
Hall of Fame.

* Over the years since his early years
in amateur boxing, Scotty has met this
requirement in many ways.
* executive member of Boxing BC
* Queensborough boxing club coach
* involvement at Boxing Canada meetings
* a voice in the likes of the Vancouver Sun,

Some would likely remember Scotty 
speaking out at meetings such as that in
 December 2003 Boxing Canada.
 Also in attendance was  BC's John O'Shea.

* or the time he spoke about women;s boxing
 in the "Vancouver Sun"

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

BCABHoF, 2015 Nominees

BCABHoF, 2015 Nominees: (ranker link)

The Process of selection: by Brian Zelley

The above linked ranking as got off to a quick start

 with a 175 views with the two leaders being boxer Kenney Lally and pioneer Eddie Mulhern.cHowever, the poll will run until December 31st.

Names of the eight nominees:
Eddie Mulhern, A. Scotty Jackson, 
Barry Creswell, John Skanks,
Geronimo Bie, Ken MacDonald
Kenny Lally and Les Hamilton.

2010 to 2014

The Pioneer: Eddie Mulhern 
The Builders:
Barry Creswell, Scotty Jacson and John Skanks

John Skanks

Barry Creswell

Alexander Scotty Jackson

The Boxers:
Kenny Lally, Ken MacDonald
Geronimo Bie and Les Hamilton.

Jag - Bob - Kenny

Kenny and Bob

Les Hamilton

Nominees BCABHoF for 2015

2015 Nominees BCABHoF

Eddie Mulhern

Alexander Scotty Jackson
Barry Creswell
John Skanks

Geronimo Bie
Ken MacDonald
Kenny Lally
Les Hamilton

Friday, September 26, 2014

BCABHoF Nominees for 2015

BCABHoF, 2015 Nominees

BCABHoF, 2015 Nominees: BC Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame nominees for 2015

The first six nominees for BCABHoF 2015

A Focus On The First Six: By Brian Zelley

Unlike the past five years there was no big rush to nominate 30 to 50
and then go through the long process of trying to select from ten to 18.
The deadline for nominations for 2015 ends on September 30th.

The First Six

Eddie Mulhern, Scotty Jackson
Geronimo Bie,  Ken MacDonald,
John Skanks and Barry Creswell.


John Skanks

And Number Seven is KENNY LALLY.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Eddie Mulhern, 2015 nominee BCABHoF

A pioneer of Boxing

Eddie Mulhern
* a star athlete and University of
British Columbia boxer, and inductee of the
UBC Sports Hall of Fame in 2007.
The UBC sports hall of fame link with Eddie Mulhern found as an athletin boxing.

This former Canadian amateur boxing featherweight
champion and UBC athlete has been nominated by Brian Zelley for the pioneer category.

Eddie in the 1920's art Art Beaumont in the late '40'
were two of the UBC boxers that added a slice of
history to BC Amateur Boxing.

Special thanks to alumni of UBC with some
involvement in the sport of boxing.

Other Pioneers In BC boxing

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Monday, June 2, 2014

Kenny and friends

A Solid Choice for Nomination
BC Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame
2015 Nomination and Selection

* Although the official process for 2015
begins September 2014, there is a tradition
established where at least one potential
candidate becomes an early bird choice.

* Kenny has done much over the last
decade to be the chosen one for the
"early bird" candidate.

Kenny and friends

Monday, May 12, 2014

2014 BC boxing photo parade

The Photo Parade of BCABHOF

2011 Inductees
Jamie Ollenberger, Lindy Lindmoser,
Matt O'Brien, Alan Event:

* Including pioneers and all -rounders
Tommy Paonessa, Lennie Walters.
George Angelomatis.

Campbell River Eagles

1967 International Diamond Belt
International boxing championships.

Billy Townsend, Pioneer

Jimmy McMillan 

Jack Meda, boxer

Tony Duffy, Junior/Youth

2012 Inductees

Bert Lowes, builder

Mandy Lapointe

Donnie Orr, boxer


Allan Bayne

Freddy Fuller - Elio Ius

Freddy Fuller, Eddie Haddad
Frank Scott, Dale Walters,
Dick Findlay, Fred Desrosiers

Matt O'Brien, boxer

Laurie Mann, boxer

Charles John *** George Shiels